Jumat, 12 Mei 2017



Hello readers,, mimin come back again
Okay, for this post, I want to tell you my future business plan. Okay, even though we are young, but we still have to think  business plan for the future. Do not waste your youth guys, so let’s think it now hehehe
For me, I already have my own business plan hihihi, maybe it’s sound  silly and impossible hahahaha. But in the world nothing impossible.
Okay, my business plan is make a new brand of  clothes or In fashion. Hahaha I will name my brand with JC ( jeny clarita ). Creating a good brand name is very important. Brand name or brand is the initial investment that will determine the success of a product. Besides the quality of the product (content) is good, brand name is the key initially.
I want to make simple or casual clothes, hahaha like my fashion style…. Not only that, I think simple clothes are more comfortable to wear. But I will make clothes that are simple but follow the trend, So it will not be outdated.
I will provide women's and men's clothes as well as for all ages, from children to adults. Hahaha it’s just my dream, but I’m really want my dream is come true. If my dreams come true, I can certainly make my parents happy proud for me. If this business success, I can hire many employees, so I will reduce the number of unemployed in Indonesia. Wow my dream is too high. But I hope all of them can be answered.
Okay, that all my business plan for my future, I hope you are have your own’s plan. Bye bye bye readers, I hope this post Can inspire you……


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