Selasa, 11 April 2017

Ask and Expert

Mrs Sinta, a talented tailor

Hello everyone, I want to introduce someone who is talented in sewing hehehe
Check it out
Her name is Sinta, but people usually call her Mbak Sinta. She is my neighbor. My family often asks for her help to sewing clothes. She is very talented in sewing clothes, so she has a lot of customers.
There were some questions I asked to her, and I will just write it for you below.
Jeny ( J )                                  : Good afternoon mbak Sinta. Sorry if my arrival interfere you. I just want to know, mbak Sinta themselves included in a craftsman or an entrepreneur?
Mbak Sinta ( MS )      : Good Afternoon. Oh No problem, I do not happen to be busy. Myself arguably craftsmen and entrepreneurs because of my own tailor fabrics and resell these results.
J                                   : Mbak expertise gained from where? At the beginning, it was where?
MS                              : This expertise I can of descent, because to be honest this expertise includes talent .And very difficult if you need to exercise .Because also from the little I began to learn from parents.
J                                   : Capital's own Mbak Sinta come from?
MS                              : Already from the capital since the beginning of the effort. It goes on. Most just need a cloth and thread capital Because the tools itself is derivative.
J                                   : If the turnover itself has reached what Mbak ?
MS                              : The turnover itself has since long ago , once even to no avail because the selling price could only return on investment and achieve profitability .If difficult now also uncertain, have now already rare tailor painstaking. At least in the manufacture of some of the clothes reached 80 thousand.
J                                   : For this own marketing how Mbak? Do disorder or what?
MS                              : If it's marketing agent take Already fabric that's been so good .But in stores or on the market also exists the fabric agent my Because now there is also a fourth agent remains.
J                                   : Thank you willing to be interviewed by me and sorry I disturbed the activities of mbak sinta
MS                              : Okay, no problem

Okay readers, I hope thi interview can inspires you….

Thank You, GBU

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