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Hello readers, in this post, I will write about Adverb ( kinds of Adverb ) that has been described by Miss Dini…
Check It Out

1.      Adverb of MANNER (To answer question HOW)
Slowly, carefully, fast,well, beautifully,quickly, etc
2.      Adverb of TIME (to answer the question WHEN)
Today, tomorrow, yesterday,on Monday, in 1997, on July,at 7.30, etc
Ø  In = for year
Ø  On = for month and day
Ø  At = for hour
3.      Adverb of PLACE (to answer the question WHERE)
Here, there, in Pontianak, on Jalan Ahmad Yani, at UPT Bahasa Untan, at your house, etc
Ø  In = for city or state
Ø  On = for name of street
Ø  At = for a place more specific
4.      Adverb of FREQUENCY (to answer the question HOW OFTEN)
Always, sometimes, never,once, twice, etc

Well, that’s all that I can post today. I hope this post can be useful for the readers. Please wait for the next post. Thank you ^~^


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