Senin, 13 Maret 2017

My Skill

Hello readers, I come back again… how was your day??? How was your school??? How was your job??? Hahaha sorry for many questions guys,,, but I hope everything is alright.

Okay, today I want to tell you about my skill hehehe
Before that, I want to ask you, What is Skill? What are the advantages if we have the skill? I hope you are have a skill.

According to my definition skill is a person's ability to do things that are specific, focused yet dynamic that requires a certain time to learn and can be proven. Any skill can be learned but it takes a strong dedication to learn the art such as positive mental necessity, the spirit of motivation, time and sometimes need money. There are two types of skill, that are hardskill and softskill. Hard skills are the ability to produce something visible and immediate nature. Soft skill itself is defined as the capacity beyond the technical abilities and academic, who prefers intra and interpersonal abilities.

Well, that’s all the definition and the types of skill. And then, I want to tell you about my skill. My sister said, I have the skills to influence someone by talking with me. So, it was included into softskill. It means that I can communication and adapt well to people around me. it is very beneficial if I went into work later. In my opinion, I also have the skill to understand and grasp things quickly, and the skill to memorize, I was also pretty good.

I am very grateful that God has given all the skill it is very useful for me. Though I can not sing, dance, playing football or volley, cooking, like my friends, but that's what makes me different from others hehehe

So, don’t be shy if you can not sing a song, dance, cooking e.t.c. Because, human beings are created different from each other. So, believe that what God has given for you it will be useful in the future. So, do not forget to grateful friends…… 
I have a quote for we, that is
don’t be shy of yourself, be proud of the skills that you have.

Okay guys, that’s all for today. I hope it can be useful for all of you.
See you in the next post,,, ByeByeByeByeBye


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