Rabu, 01 Maret 2017

Why I Continue My Study ?

          Hello readers, I’m Jeny clarita you can call me jeny. I’m from West Borneo precisely in Pontianak. I was 19 years old. And I’m a student of Tanjungpura University. I’m so nervous, because this is my first post in my new blog hehehe.         

 In my first post, I want to tell you Why I Continue my study to university level. When I was in senior high school, I don’t have any idea and reason to continue my study. But my parents help me to get my reason why I must continue my study to university level. First, I won’t to be an unemployment, because many of companies in Indonesia don’t want to accept the employees that graduate from senior high school. Second, I want to make my parents and family happy and proud to me. I won’t to make parents ashamed because I’m not educated. And the last reason is I realize that education is very important and useful for our future. So there isn’t any reason to me for not continue my study.         

 After I get support to continue my study to university level, I choose tanjungpura university. Why I choose tanjungpura university????Because, tanjungpura university is close to my hometown. And the other reason is…… my parents don’t allow me to continue my study at another island. I understand about their worried, moreover I’m a girl and the youngest  ehehehe.

So that’s why I choose tanjungpura university. I hope, I can increase my knowledge and make my parents proud to me. And then, I can get a good job wkwkwk 

The End

Okay, I hope the readers not bored while reading my post, I hope you like my first post hehehe and wait for my next postBye bye bye……. And thank youGOD Bless You 

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